Pet Behaviour Solutions specializes in behavioural consulting. We work with complex pet behaviours, such as:

  • fear
  • anxiety
  • aggression
  • reactivity
  • frustration intolerance/emotional dysregulation
  • destructive behaviour
  • repetitive/compulsive behaviour
  • excessive licking/chewing, pica, self-mutilation
  • other behaviours outside the scope of what is considered typical for a pet’s developmental stage (e.g., excessive nipping/jumping, house soiling, barking/whining)

Our approach

We focus on educating pet owners and professionals about the causes of these behaviours, what maintains them, and how to change them. We modify pet behaviours using humane approaches and techniques that minimize stress as much as possible; which usually involves managing the pet’s environment, training alternative behaviours, desensitization, and/or counter-conditioning approaches.

How behaviour consulting differs from training

Trainers are experts in teaching. They focus on training pets how to do something, or in many cases, to not do something. Behaviour consultants are experts in behaviour and behaviour modification. They focus on major behavioural issues that are often emotionally-driven. As such, behaviour consultants are like psychologists. If you any have concerns about your pet’s behaviour, we can help you identify whether you require the services of a trainer or a behaviour consultant.

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About the owner

Jenilee Gobin PhD, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

Jenilee with her Australian shepherds, Beta and Rho

I obtained my PhD in the Environmental & Life Sciences from Trent University, where I studied how ecological and evolutionary processes interact to influence animal traits and population dynamics. I have professionally consulted on complex pet behaviours since 2013 and am certified through the CCPDT as a dog trainer and canine behaviour consultant.